Q-bio Workshop

Physical approaches for growing & evolving populations


What is the fundamental difference

between living & non-living matters?

2017 Feb.11 (Sat) 9:25〜18:00

Living matters are unique and distinctive in the physical world. The crucial factor differentiating the living matters from the other physical matters is the ability to grow in number by self-replication and to evolve as a result. This ability is the driving force to amplify and sustain otherwise rare living-matter specific phenomena, to form the world of living systems. Understanding life in terms of physics, therefore, inevitably requires establishing the physics of growing and evolving systems.

This issue accompanies several challenges and rises several questions. How to quantitatively observe growing and evolving populations? How to analyze growing system with lineage structures? What are the universal properties of the growing and evolving systems? How do the growth and evolution bias and shape the typical behaviors of living matters? What is the fundamental limit of growing systems and self-replication? In this workshop, we address these problems with the outstanding young researchers in this field. By showing recent experimental and theoretical advancements on how to quantitatively measure and consistently characterize growing and evolving systems, we try to draw a prospective picture for the fundamental and physical understanding in living matters.